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Light and Energy Healing Therapy: Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville, Westfield, Geist, Cicero

Infinite Healing Light™ session- duration 30 minutes in person or long distance … $45.00

This is an Energy session that will harmonize and heal mind, body, and spirit. It can ease pain, provide a feeling of calm and relaxation, and even ease physical maladies. For a chronic issue sometimes multiple sessions are needed. This Energy is as strong long distance as in person.

After your first session we will talk about your concerns and I will code to you a couple of Energies that you can activate with a voice command. The use of the Energy activated on demand with a voice command is always helpful as it allows Infinite Healing Light™ to flow as often as you like … empowering and nurturing your mind, body, and spirit continuously.

A complete etheric clearing and consultation… $30.00

As we travel through life it is easy for us to pick up etheric cords or even entity attachments. These disruptions can cause emotional and sometimes even physical distress. During the consultation I will endeavor to offer some assistance to prevent cords and attachments from forming in the future.

What is a Voice Command?

The voice commands are like a prayer that calls Healing Light to you. The voice command actually calls the Angels to you … you may even feel their presence if you are sensitive.

Each energy has a specific healing ability. With the help of the Angels I create each energy with a specific use. Once you receive your initial Infinite Healing Light™ session … in person or long distance… I will then create an Energy with a voice command that will assist you with your specific healing goals.

Each voice command is coded to you and some will even have your name in them. Once a voice command is created it is infinite and will continue to work always. They last forever.

Light Regeneration and Empowerment. This Energy activated with a voice command is designed to regenerate your physical body and empower your spiritual Energy. Duration 20 minutes… $30.00

Your own personal Energy activated with a voice command, designed just for you and attuned to your DNA-duration 20 minutes... $30.00

Voice Commands for specific uses are $20.00 each

There are several other voice commands for various uses such as easing insomnia and helping you to relax and sleep. I can even craft a special Energy attuned to your specific concerns. All are coded especially to you and will last forever.

Here are some points to understand regarding this method of receiving Divine Light:

These Energies are not a substitute for an Infinite Healing Light™ session. In accordance with your healing goals a session is recommended periodically. This can be long distance or in person. This Energy or Light is designed to be as strong long distance as in person.

The voice command Energies are all 'heaven' Energy they can absolutely do no harm to you in way. They cannot override your free will… you must give the conscious intention to connect to them. This Energy follows your intention… it does not have an agenda of its own. It's meant to heal and help you on your journey… to allow the physical and emotional healing that is in your highest and best good. When you use the Energies please sit down and endeavor to relax. There is a method of clearing the Energy of your surroundings with a voice command too this is always a good idea. Play some relaxing music and take a couple of deep breathes, say the voice commands and enjoy. I am always happy to offer guidance and support … if you have questions please contact me.

House Clearing - $45.00

This service will clear your home of all lost souls and all negative thought forms. As thoughts are Energy negative thoughts and conflict can create negative Energy. If you are moving into a new residence this negative Energy can be left over from the previous occupants. If you are trying to sell your home this service is helpful as the house will feel welcoming and full of Light to the prospective buyers. As this service is supported by Angels of protection it will make your house feel bright and full of Love. This service if performed long distance. A brief written report will be provided.

Animal Clearing- $20.00
Animal Energy / Light Session using Infinite Healing Light™- duration 20 minutes … $20.00

Animals are Light beings that have been created to maintain and nurture the order and beauty of the earth plane. They were created to fill the earth with life. Indigenous cultures have been aware of this for centuries. Our beloved pets… especially cats, dogs, and horses have allowed themselves over the centuries to become domesticated… they have given up some of their natural wild ways in order to serve us. Dogs can and do heal by absorbing our negative Energy into their being. They also tend to imprint with their humans. If the emotions of the human they imprint with are negative they pick up this negativity in a powerful way. This can manifest as odd behavior or even physical illness. Cats are a little different in the way they heal and nurture us as they are more ethereal but they heal in their way too. Just the sound a cat's purr is designed calm and heal.

This clearing will assist the beloved pet to release trauma from experiences in this lifetime and if it's in the highest and best interest sometimes the traumas from past lifetimes. Once the clearing is done. Infinite Healing Light™ Sessions may also help. This clearing is supported by the Angels that protect and guide all beings of nature. The clearing is done long distance as are the Light/ Energy sessions.

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