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Light and Energy Healing Therapy: Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville, Westfield, Geist, Cicero
What is Infinite Healing Light TM?

Infinite Healing Light™ is a method of channeling Heaven energy or light for profound healing on all levels… emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This Heaven energy is channeled through and supported by high dimensional Angels of Light. It is a powerful pure white light that is as effective in person as long distance. There are also Energies that can be created and activated with a voice command allowing the healing Light of these specific Energies to be activated many times through the day by simply saying or thinking a phrase called a voice command.

What is Pure White Light?

Pure white light is energy or light that comes from a higher plane of existence-simply said the heaven realm. The plane of existence that you are living in now contains positive and negative components. The negative components operate as contrast to assist our growth and learning. The high frequency heaven realm does not possess contrast. There is no negative. Everything in the high frequency planes of existence is full of harmony and love and light. So the energy that comes from these high frequency realms is pure white light. Infinite Healing Light™ is pure white light… it contains a profound healing Energy that restores health and harmony to mind, body, and spirit on a deep level.

What is Energy?

Energy is that which animates us-it is our life force- is it what our immortal soul is made up of. Thoughts are energy- we create our world- our very existence with the energy of our thoughts. Energy is that which holds the Universe together. You are a Divine Energy field- a spiritual being. Once you understand this- other mysteries may become more evident and obvious. Energy is life, love, and light. Energy is what everything is made of.

What are Angels of Light?

Angels are pure spirits fashioned of pure white light. They are not of this world. They are not intended nor designed for union with a physical body. They are created to be guardians and bringers of Light. Many different religions have reported their presence and interacted with them but they belong to no earthly religion. They are beings of love and true light. They are compassion on a profound level …they are Higher Spiritual Energies. If you need their assistance remember they cannot override your free will or your intentions. You must ask for their help and assistance.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy therapy. It is a Japanese technique that uses higher spiritual energy to heal and nurture the mind, body, and spirit. I have been a Reiki Master Teacher for eleven years and provide Reiki sessions to a number of clients. Reiki is a wonderful healing therapy and easy to learn for everyone with just a little practice and study.

So is Infinite Healing Light™ Reiki?

Yes and no. Infinite Healing Light™ is an energy healing modality using high vibrational light to heal but its light is just a little more powerful than Reiki. It has one more interesting difference too… it can be made available with a verbal command as often as you desire.

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Infinite Healing Light™ evolved from an intention of deep compassion for all who suffer and a passionate faith in high dimensional Angels of Light. The healing energy is supported by and channeled through Angels of Light. By saying or thinking a phrase called a verbal command… Infinite Healing Light™ is instantly available to all who wish to connect. Tags: infinite healing light, healing, energy therapy, light therapy, spiritual, cosmic, spiritual healing, cosmic energy, reiki, reiki energy, healing crystals, crystals, peace, harmony, energy, Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville, Westfield, Geist, Cicero, Pam Jones
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