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About Pam Jones

Pamela Jones
Reiki Master Teacher

Since conscious memory in this lifetime I have been connected to and in communication with Angels of Light. During my early years the majority of my metaphysical abilities remained undeveloped and somewhat latent.

In my fiftieth year I developed a significant spinal problem and found myself confined to a wheel chair. Surgery was recommended but I had no confidence in allopathic medicine for this issue so I went looking for alternative therapies. I found a Reiki practitioner and responded to Reiki most profoundly. It was nearly a miracle for me.

I made the decision to become attuned to Reiki with the sole motivation of regaining my mobility and health. I never meant to provide Reiki for others or teach Reiki but my healing journey took on a life of its own.

I began a quest thirty years ago to understand many mysteries related to life. As I began to heal myself the quest now included how we heal and what is healing Energy or Light. This journey has illuminated many paths of knowledge, awakened my inner wisdom, and developed my latent metaphysical abilities. I'm now a master of nine Reiki modalities and several other metaphysical modalities.

Sixteen years later I have a busy practice of teaching and providing Energy Therapy and other metaphysical services that assist others with their healing journey.

To be of service is the focus and joy of my life. I truly love what I do.

The development of Infinite Healing Light™ and the techniques present in this modality came from a deep desire to ease the suffering of others in any way I could. It is the result of several years of prayer, meditation, and a profound connection with Higher Angels and the Infinite Source.

I'm sixty seven years old and find life to be a most interesting adventure. I am most grateful to have had my husband's support on this journey. He has been my best friend and beloved companion for 49 years. He is also a Reiki Practitioner.

Light and Love to you
Pamela Jones

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About Pam Jones
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